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Horde – Groupware

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Besides Roundcube we are offering another webmail solution that offers significantly more functionality.

The Horde Groupware basically consists of modules that can be configured individually. Enabled are the following modules:

  • IMP
  • Kronolith
  • Turba
  • Nag
  • Mnemo
  • Trean
  • Gollem

Imp is the webmail derivative to Roundcube, supports displaying HTML text inline, folder structures, and filter options. In addition, you can send PGP-encrypted emails.

Kronolith is the calendar of Horde. In addition to creating your own calendars, calendars can be integrated from other, external sources or from other users of the system. In addition, scheduled tasks and anniversaries and birthdays of the other modules are displayed.

Turba is the address book of the Horde. It can import and export business cards and all records you’ve entered. Anniversaries and birthdays you populated to the system are automatically added to the calendar. In addition, new address books can be added if you want to separate, for example, corporate and private addresses. From Turba emails can be sent to people directly.

Nag is a task management tool that supports multiple task lists and displays scheduled tasks on the calendar. When appointments exceeded, emails are sent or a sound plays. Again, as in the address book, shared task lists are possible.

Mnemo is the memo tool from Horde. Here, sticky notes in different (common) notebooks, person or project-specific basis, are possible.

Trean is a bookmark management tool. You can import bookmarks from Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Gollem is a WebDAV derivative and only registered users can access the data. This is not a substitute for, for example, a ownCloud.

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