System failure on 13.10.2017

Excontinuum Administration, Services, Updates System failure on 13.10.2017
System failure on 13.10.2017

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System failure on 13.10.2017

Posted By temeraire

Hiya, everybody,


some have noticed a failure of the entire server on the 13th (ha ha) shortly before half past nine o’ clock in the evening. The server was restarted at 8:28 p. m. and was unavailable for about 12 minutes. The restart scripts have taken action, but we are still checking to see if everything is working fine again. The monitoring has also been triggered. So far so good! Contrary to the first signs, this time it was not KernelCare’s “fault”. Apparently, there was a problem with the UPS and a phase.

Further information can be found here (Twitter) (both in german) and correspondingly here (PasteBin statement).

All services should run again. If not, send me a note.

Thank you very much!

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