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About “us”

Posted By temeraire

Where should I start…What can I say? Well…Probably much gibberish, what I have done before, what I’m planning to do and all the informations that Google and Facebook know about me, anyway. This does not mean you can not complain about it. Big Brother, you know?

I was born on a cold December night just before Christmas in the early nineties of the last century. I grew up in a small, pretty green, town on the edge of the Ruhr area, in the midst of the Rhine-Ruhr Megaplex. My childhood passed quietly and LEGO Technic captivated me early. From space shuttles, on to mobile cranes and then the RCX (infrared in conjunction with serial interfaces has always been great!). I’ve often stepped on the little LEGO-beasts.

Relatively quickly, I realized that I’m not the language and arts person, but technique and electronics of any kind and Coleur faszinated me; much to the chagrin of my grades in relevant subjects. After my graduation and a short detour to the university I am now a trained “Strippenzieher”. A guy, who ziehs Strippen. Professionals call me IT specialists for system integration. We integrate computer systems. Pretty exciting.

Kerbal Space Program, Space Engineers and pretty much everything with “OpenWorld” in the description, robots and artificial intelligences and ways to renewably generate power (not that many have a fan or led lights in their tents!). The list could be much longer.

Currently I’m interested in things that make my life as an administrator better and easier or beautify my apartment. Linux consoles for network terminals, portable, with a battery. Or a small greenhouse for herbs, chilli and Pi. Everything that comes to my mind.

I think that this gives a glimpse of what I am working day after day.

For further questions you can find me quite often in our Rocket.Chat. 🙂

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